Marshall Lifestyle Medicine‚Äôs Institute for Age Management and Intervention is Kentucky’s premiere anti-aging facility for the world’s top medical specialists. Rooted in Lexington Kentucky, Marshall Lifestyle Medicine is growing to become a nationally recognized brand, delivering specialized concierge care across the United States.

Marshall approached us with a scenario that we see often. “We’ve worked with many design teams over the past two years, and were unable to find the find the right team to execute our vision. WebVision was able to overhaul my existing content into an array of brand-able service lines, all of which have seen significant increase in sales since launch.”

WebVision was tasked with a complete brand overhaul including a complete website redesign, branded service lines, advertising concepts, private labeled products, and a series of web and print graphics to be used in targeted advertising. Combining our creative design an technical expertise we were able to coordinate the delivery of several project in order to execute a multi-platform brand launch that exceeded expectations.

Launch Project

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